"taking care of you and your family"


All our consultants are highly experienced in the relocation industry in Perth and have expert knowledge of both the local real estate market and educational system. They often have families themselves and are well aware of the difficulties and challenges associated with an interstate and overseas move.

Heather Hamp

Heather has been involved with the Relocation Industry for the past few years here in Perth. Having been raised and educated in Perth, Heather then spent 10 years living, working and travelling in cities such as London, Aberdeen and Jakarta. Experiencing first hand what relocating with a family entails, Heather decided to turn her career to helping others when relocating to Perth.

With extensive experience in Perth as a relocation consultant, excellent knowledge of the local real estate market and a sound understanding of the educational needs of all age groups of children and adults alike, Heather has been able to help many relocatees settle quickly and happily into their new environment. Having three children herself she realises the importance of looking after a family in a new city, finding a suitable home and schools within the shortest amount of time.

Jane Gow
Relocation Consultant

Jane has also been working in the Relocation Industry here in Perth for some time and has a great depth of knowledge with regards to the complexities of individuals and families relocating to Perth.

Having travelled extensively overseas, Jane also has a very good understanding of the difficulties involved with moving to another state or country, especially with a family. Jane too has three children of her own and so is very aware of the importance of finding the right school for each child.

A background in Interior Design and home building projects means that Jane is well informed of the local real estate market and property values in Perth. This information is then passed on to clients to assist in their search for a new home.